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Remote Interpretation:
the future of conference interpretation

Conference interpretation is undergoing a change, the market is diversifying. Discover with us the new methods and programs when interpreting online. TechnologyThe challenge of remote interpretation

When we think of interpreting, we don't usually imagine an interpreter in your home, sitting at your computer. We tend to think of people who spend their lives travelling and attending conference after conference on the most diverse topics. Nowadays, the image we have of the interpreter usually fits more to the first description than to the second one. Why? Because of several factors, among which we do not rule out that of the new Covid-19, the world is becoming increasingly digital and in the world of interpretation it could not be any different.

In our multilingual world, interpreters have become indispensable, but how do we continue to interpret when all conferences are already held digitally?

Medical translations under ISO-9001

In order to offer a good interpretation service, AbroadLink specializes in complying with the requirements of European regulations for project management. In this way, we guarantee the best quality in the management of our remote interpretation projects, giving our clients the peace of mind they need to plan their events carefully.

We offer our clients an interpreting service with fully integrated management, technical support and all the necessary material, ensuring the best qualityat all times.

Translations always by native translators

AbroadLink has an experienced team of interpreters with expertise in different sectors: politics, press conferences, art, negotiations, etc.

"Making use of technology is a prerequisite for moving forward with conference interpretation and offering competitive prices."

AbroadLink provides you with flexible project management adapted to your needs. To guarantee the best quality we work under the ISO-9001 quality standard, which offers you the possibility to follow the evolution of your projects through our customer portal.

Language technology at the service of the dental industry

In order to achieve the most professional results at competitive prices, it is essential to make use of technology. AbroadLink Translations uses platforms that integrate remote interpretation systems that, in addition to being user-friendly, ensure high quality standards.

Feel free to contact us for more information and to discuss your remote interpretation project. Learn about the best programs for your conferences: Zoom, Kudo, Interprefy, etc. and join the digital world.