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"I have only words of gratitude to the team at AbroadLink Translations for the commitment they show at all times to our projects. Keep it up!"

Silvia Cosia, Telefónica

Are you in Madrid city?
Visit our translation agency in Madrid and we will offer you:
  • Specialized native translators
  • Premium services under ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 17100
  • Competitive and adapted rates
  • Timely delivery guarantee

Why choose us as your translation company in Madrid?

If you have reached this page it is because you are looking for a translation agency in Madrid. There are many translation companies in Madrid that offer their services in our capital, but only a few of these translation agencies can offer you:

  • Translation services supported by years of experience and innovation.
  • Selection of native and specialized translators following well-defined processes under our ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 13485 (medical devices) and ISO 17100 (translation services) quality standards
  • Management through one of the most advanced translation management platforms on the market (XTRF) where you can track your projects, view invoices or request quotes, always through a secure communication protocol.
  • Management integrated with CMS and automated for the management of large volumes of translation through APIs WordPress, Episever, Magento, Drupal or adaptation to proprietary databases.
  • Systematic maintenance of databases of your translations to maintain consistency and offer you discounts for translations already done: last week or 5 years ago.

We want to be your reliable translation agency in Madrid

Trust takes time, so we know you will have to give us a chance to become your preferred language serviceprovider in Madrid. In any case, entrusting your translations to a translation company in Madrid is the best option to guarantee the utmost professionalism in managing your translations. As a professional Madrid translation agency , all your projects follow a procedure that meets various quality standards. Our translation process and selection of translators from Madrid or outside Madrid, sometimes even outside Spain, follows professional standards and relies on language technology to offer you professional results at competitive prices. If you are looking for a translation agencyin Madrid, give us the opportunity to work with you and we will do our best to become your Madrid translation company.

Our translation agency Madrid has one of the largest translation and interpreting offers in Madrid

At AbroadLink Traducciones, we are pleased to be able to say that we bring to our clients in Madrid one of the most complete portfolios of translation services in the market. From Madrid, we offer you a wide selection of translation specialities:

As one of the best translation agencies in Madrid, our offer of linguistic services to companies in Madrid is not limited to the specialized translation of documents and texts, but also includes

  • Face-to-face or remote interpreting services: we offer comprehensive services for face-to-face conference interpreting in Madrid or remotely, as well as liaison and consecutive interpreting.
  • Audiovisual translation services: we voice-over your corporate videos with a wide range of voices or, if you prefer, we can translate and subtitle them.
  • Web translation services: from simple and static HTML pages to multilingual corporate pages managed with the simplest CMS such as WordPress to the most complex ones such as Magento or Episerver with integration and process automation through API connection to our translation management platform.
  • Translation services for AutoCAD drawings and files: we directly manage the pneumatic and electrical diagrams included in your manuals, as well as architectural and industrial design project drawings.
  • Translation services in design and layout formats: forget about having to cut and paste from Word to your design format, at AbroadLink Traducciones Madrid we can directly manage your Illustrator, InDesign, FrameMaker, Photoshop files...
  • Multilingual DTP services: we only manage your original design files so as not to go through Word, if you need it, we can also do the layout of the files to offer you perfectly laid out finished documents, as well as their PDF versions for printing or online use.

Translations by native translators

We'll get tired of saying it: translation agencies must do their translations using native speakers of the target language. If we translate into British English, an Englishman will do it. If the German, a German will do it. Language is full of connotations and subtleties, to ensure that translations do not look like that at AbroadLink Traducciones Madrid we always use native translators, always is.

Unfortunately, some companies use non-native translators to offer cheaper translations. This typically happens with English, both by some translation agencies, in Madrid or not, and by the export or marketing departments of many companies, with the idea of saving costs, but this is a practice that is not compatible with professional translation standards and involves certain risks.

Specialist translators in Madrid

It is just as important for quality translations that the translation agencies in Madrid use translators who are native speakers of the language they are translating into as it is for them to have a thorough knowledge of the subject matter they are translating from. If not everyone can understand a contract drawn up by a lawyer specialising in tax law or a medical report by a cardiologist, it is even more difficult to translate it!

Translation selection procedures involve the selection of translators according to a limited field of expertise. Our translation agency in Madrid does not rely on translators who are specialists in everything.

There are such specialized translation projects that the only way to achieve a satisfactory translation is to work with translators with academic training or work experience in the field. In these highly specialized cases, we make sure to assign a translator to your project who is a lawyer, engineer, doctor, biologist, geologist or who, in short, has a very specialized knowledge of the subject matter in order to successfully deal with the translation.

Competitive prices and multiple discounts

Our prices beat most translation companies in Madrid. We are not the cheapest because we offer translation services with all the professional guarantees, but our translation prices are competitive, reasonable and with an excellent quality-price ratio, which makes us one of the most interesting translation agencies in Madrid. When you compare our translation prices with those of other translation companies in Madrid, you will see that what we say here is true.

If you want you can now request a translation quote to check this. In addition, at AbroadLink Traducciones Madrid we offer you various discounts depending on the volume of the project, the number of repetitions of the text to be translated in your document or the similarity of the text to be translated with translations we have already done for you. We also offer a discount to more modest companies, NGOs or start-ups. No doubt about it: we want to be your translation agency Madrid!

Exclusive offer to companies in Madrid

We repeat: we want to be your translation agency Madrid! To prove it to you and if you have come this far, we want to offer you an exclusive promotional discount for companies in Madrid. When you contact us and ask for a quote, let us know this promotional code Agencia-Traduccion-Madrid-28046, we will offer you a 2% discount that can be added to the rest of the discounts we offer to our clients in Madrid and all over Spain.

Give us the opportunity and we will show you that we are one of the best translation companies in Madrid and that with us your translation projects will be in the best hands. And we're telling you again: we want to be your translation agency in Madrid!