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Translation of medical devices
with ISO 13485 certification

AbroadLink Translations offers you

The European medical technology industry comprises around 25,000 companies. Of these companies in the field of health technology, 95 % are SME's and the majority are small businesses or micro-businesses. These companies have sales of around 100,000 million Euros with a 4 % annual growth and employ around 575,000 people, according to data published by EUCOMED (European Medical Technology Association).

At AL Traducciones we offer you workflows adapted to the risk classification of each medical product.

AbroadLink offers you experience in the translation of healthcare products and medical devices

AbroadLink has acquired experience working for national and international companies translating manuals, catalogues, IT programmes (software) and other related documentation about numerous healthcare products and medical devices for several sub-sectors such as:

  • Diagnostic and laboratory: reactants, tests, enzymes, serology, bacteriology, parasitology, refrigerators, incubators.
  • Hospital equipment and furniture: articulated beds, equipment trolleys, examination tables.
  • Orthopaedics, prostheses and implants: bone substitute, osteosynthesis, silicone insoles, fasteners.
  • Single-use products: stethoscopes, speculums, tuning forks, forceps, separators, scalpels, chisels, gouges, guidewires, catheters and medical torches.
  • Electromedical and diagnostic imaging devices: electrocardiographs, scanners, audio meters, blood pressure gauges, tomography equipment, x-ray and radiotherapy equipment, incubators, defibrillators.
  • Dental: implants, surgical instruments, centrifuges, biomaterials, dental equipment and instruments. For more information about this sub-sector please see our page regarding Translation for the dental industry.

Specialised translators in medical and health technology translation

When you entrust a translation project to us, we can guarantee the professional quality of our translations thanks to our selection of translators with extensive experience in the translation of medical equipment/medical devices and their high level of expertise. Many of our translators have specialised studies in the field of medicine, giving them a deeper knowledge and resulting in higher quality translations.

We translate from English

Thanks to our experience translating for international companies, we have a wide range of resources for the translation of English texts to other languages. When our clients want to translate their documentation to other languages we always recommend that they do so from English, when the client has still not adopted English as the source language of their documentation. While this strategy is not vital for languages such as German, French, Italian or Portuguese for a wide range of languages, it is an essential approach for languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Arabic and other such languages. The level of professionalism and amount of highly specialised translators from English allows us to offer more competitive translation quotes and higher levels of quality.

We adapt to your translation needs

Not all companies are the same. In the medical equipment and health technology sector 95 % of the almost 25,000 companies making up the sector's European business structure are SME's. Budgetary constraints, limited resources and inability to achieve economies of scale mean that translation requirements differ between SME's and large multinational corporations.

In 2013, AbroadLink launched a promotion for SMEs invoicing less than £10 MILLION until the European economy has a growth of 2 % or above.

Another measure that allows us to offer our clients more competitive translation quotes as well as maintaining professional levels of quality is the implementation of a quality check on a sample of the translation. This process allows us to offer our clients a unique step in the translation process without carrying out a second revision, significantly reducing translation costs without compromising on quality.

 Translation according to the European quality standard UNE EN-15038

For more important documents and when the highest possible quality is essential due to the high sales volume of a product, AbroadLink offers a translation process according to European quality standard EN-15038, reflected in our ISO-9001 certification. The essential step in order to guarantee the maximum possible quality is the revision of the original translation by a second independent translator.