Website Globalization

We help you go further.

Web sites have proven to be an ideal way to target audiences abroad. We are strong believers in the potential of this communication channel for the future, and thus have worked to achieve technical expertise in Web site translation.

At AbroadLink, we see a new business opportunity in all new technology and are capable of working with the multiple array of existing technologies used to develop either static or dynamic Web sites (HTML, HTM, ASP, CFM, JS, SWF...): we handle Macromedia Flash files, animated GIFs, sound files... Moreover, we offer content integrated translations and updates, including graphic elements and code embedded text.

To accomplish this, AbroadLink works simultaneously with different translation teams during a multilingual Web site project, offering technical support to the teams and using the same teams in subsequent content updates.

Thanks to the use of software specifically developed for Web site quoting, we are able to provide you with a very detailed quote in a very short timeframe.

You can request an online quote from us by clicking here.