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Translation Company

Our translation company
has been offering professional services for the specialised translation of documents, websites and applications since 2002.
Visit our website and discover one of the best and most trusted translation companies for the translation of your texts.

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Translation companies are only as competent as their professionals. AbroadLink works with

Professionals highly qualified translation project managers and

specialised native translators who work from all over the world: London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid

Quality policy

We are committed to you. We are committed to quality and the continuous improvement of our translation agency.
AbroadLink Translations has the following certifications:

ISO 9001
Quality management systems

ISO 13485
Quality management systems for medical devices

ISO 17100
Translation Services
Requirements for translation services



Whether your software is a web application or a desktop or mobile application, use our services to translate formats from several different development environments.


Multilingual DTP

Do you create your documents in DTP programmes? Do you want to reduce DTP costs and the time taken to produce the translated documents in their final format? If your documents are created in InDesign, QuarkXpress, Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw or FrameMaker, we can provide both translation and DTP, offering a more secure process. We adapt the translated text to the original design with a team of professionals who are dedicated to working with documents translated in different languages for our translation company.

Why should you entrust your translation
needs to our translation company?

Reasons to work with AbroadLink

Selecting a trusted provider is always a difficult task, but at AbroadLink we want to make it easy for you:

  1. Founded in 2002, our translation agency offers you over 15 years of experience in the management of translation projects. From the management of translation projects with over 1 million words or in more than 30 different languages to the urgent translation of confidential documents, at AbroadLink we have a tested solution for your company.
  2. We manage your projects with the most sophisticated translation project management platform on the market, XTRF. This provides your company with countless benefits: integration with your CRM, automatic receipt and delivery of translated files, real time access to your translation projects, encrypted connection for confidential documentation...
  3. Native translators for your translations. We are dedicated to upholding the standard followed by professional translation companies: all of our translators are native in their target language. Their translations read like originals.
  4. Our translation agency has a transparent and competitive price policy. We always send you a detailed quote to help you to control your costs and avoid surprises. If you compare our prices to our competitors you will discover that our rates are competitive. However, our strategy does not entail being the cheapest company around, but rather offering translation rates with excellent value for money, providing your company with added value.
  5. We specialise in your company. From the outset, we create a team of professionals dedicated to your company: you will be allocated a specific sales representative and project manager and we will select professional translators with the greatest experience in your sector. As a translation agency, our objective is to become as one with your company, becoming your translation department.
  6. Absolute commitment to the agreed delivery times. True to our principles, we want to demonstrate our commitment compared to other translation companies and translation agencies by offering our timely delivery guarantee. To prove our commitment to you, we will compensate you in the event of a delay attributable to our translation agency.
  7. Work with a translation company committed to quality, continuous improvement and efficient business management. AbroadLink has been IS0-9001 certified since 2013. The processes regulated in our quality manual are in line with existing quality standards for translation companies (ISO 17100, in substitution of UNE-EN 15038:2006). You can consult our quality manual here.
  8. Comprehensive services: more than just a translation agency. Our translation agency offers DTP services at extremely competitive prices. You can send us your original documents in professional design and DTP programmes (InDesign, FrameMaker, Corel Draw...) and we will return them fully translated and formatted, ready for printing or for the on-line publication of your translations. Thanks to us, you will save in management and DTP costs.
  9. With offices in Madrid and Granada, our translation agency operates as an on-line translation company with clients throughout Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Valencia, Zaragoza... And on an international level: France, Portugal, Switzerland, the United States... If you want to discuss a project in person, contact us to arrange a meeting.
  10. We are so eager for you to try our translation services that we offer a 10% discount on our standard rates for the first documents translated with our translation company.

Do you want further information about our translation company and our translation services? Contact us by calling +34 91 198 14 01. Do you want to request a translation quote now? Click here to request an express translation quote and start to grow together.

Which business model does
our translation agency follow?

Translation business models

Is it the first time that you have used a translation company to translate your documentation, website, audiovisual materials or software? If you are reading this, we understand that this is the case.

Translation Companies:

Business models

There are two basic business models in the case of translation agencies. In one, the translation company is specialised in a combination of languages (English generally being one of these languages) and it employs staff translators. These translation agencies usually work for other multinational translation companies and a few direct clients.

In the other model, the translation agency employs project managers and outsources translation work to freelance translators or to other translation agencies. Thanks to improved communications and the evolution of the translation market, the first model of translation company has gradually gained ground compared to the second model.


An unconventional translation company

AbroadLink has evolved from the first model of translation agency to the second. We have gone from being a translation company that originally employed staff translators and DTP operators and provided services to other European translation companies, to working for direct clients and working with a team of translators throughout the world. Our translators are coordinated through our specialised translation management platform. This has been a gradual and natural progression. Our direct clients now benefit from the know-how accumulated by our translation company after having worked with the main translation companies on an international level, and we have the capacity to take on large-scale translation projects.

The advantages of the second model of translation company exceed those of the first model. Thanks to their capacity to work with a greater number of specialised translators, translation companies can offer more services to clients with greater flexibility.

How is a translation project with

Stages of a standard translation project
You send us the files for translation by e-mail, ftp, wetransfer, the client portal or any other agreed method. You should specify the required languages and any other information that you consider relevant.
After receiving the documents for translation, an analysis is carried out to detect repetitions within the text and text in non-editable formats. Once this analysis is complete, the translation (and DTP) quote is sent by e-mail including the price and delivery times.
The translation quote will be valid for 30 calendar days. Our translation quotes can be accepted directly by clicking on a link contained in the e-mail received, automatically launching the project. The stated delivery times will be calculated from the date of acceptance of the translation quote.
The project manager will immediately contact the translators assigned to the particular client. Translators are selected according to their translator profile through the management platform. The workflow for the translation project will depend on the contracted services. The project may include an extra step for revision or the DTP of the final documents may also have been requested. You will have access to the translation project at all times through the client portal so that you can check its progress.
The project manager assigned to the account will prepare the documents for final delivery and will conduct a quality control to ensure that everything has been translated and that there are no errors in the documents. The performance of service providers will be evaluated in the management system and the files will be delivered through a download link sent by e-mail from our management platform.
We will be available to help you with any questions that may arise regarding the translation and a survey will be sent at random so that you can evaluate the services of our translation company and its project manager.

The mission of our translation company

AbroadLink and the translation industry

AbroadLink is a translation company that was founded in 2002 with the objective of becoming a role model in a sector that, while mature, has been consistently growing in the last two decades. Despite the fact that the translation industry has a relatively small turnover compared to other sectors, global translation needs have grown in line with globalistaion and are a key element in a globalised world.

The world needs translations: Madrid, Barcelona, Paris...

The need to translate and interpret arises from international business relations. Technical manuals, websites, advertising brochures, international tenders, computer programmes, business contracts, blogs, e-mails, newsletters, company presentations, quality policies, business meetings, international conferences, specialist congresses, codes of conduct, medical reports, annual accounts reports, on-line help, labelling, clinical studies... These are just some of the formats containing content that companies need to translate on their path to internationalisation.

Machine translation: the present and the future

In some cases, the volume of words exceeds the capacity for professional human translations and the costs involved make the translation implausible. This means that machine translation has gradually carved out a niche and has made a surprising improvement in recent years. Despite the fact that the translation of certain contents still needs to go through a human process in order to offer an acceptable quality guarantee, machine translation is increasingly popular to achieve a basic understanding of web content (for example, the translation of websites while browsing). Machine translation has also become a translator's ally, meaning that post-editing (the revision of a machine translation by a professional translator) has become a profitable and useful method in certain controlled situations.

A combination of translation and technology

Our translation company is here to overcome the challenges imposed on the professional translation sector in these changing times. The use of technologies for translation in order to achieve a competitive advantage for our clients is the company's main goal and the reason why we get up each morning. We hope to embark on this long and exciting journey with you and your company.

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