What should I know if my company needs a Polish translation?

Published on 16/02/2021

Polish is, after Russian, the second most widely spoken Slavic language in the world. This seems surprising because one might think that Polish is spoken exclusively in Poland, a country with only 38 million inhabitants. It is the weight of its diaspora, present in every corner of the planet, that makes the difference

We are not going to hide here that Polish is a very difficult language for Spaniards to learn. What if you need a professional translation into Polish? Here are some clues.

A translation into Polish, why should I translate into this language?

Polish translation

Poland joined the European Union in 2004 and since then it has experienced very dynamic economic growth, benefiting from EU contributions, allowing it to weather the 2008 global crisis without major recessions.

The inclusion of Poland in the EU implies the translation of many official documents into this language. Its growing economic exchanges with other EU countries, including Spain, mean that increase demand for Polish translations.

Polish characteristics

Polish characteristics

Before talking about the translation into Polish, let's first look at the basics of spelling and grammar.

The Polish alphabet consists of 32 letters descended from Latin, supplemented by diacritical marks. Only three letters (q, v and x) are used for the transcription of foreign words. There are 23 consonants, 9 vowels, and 11 digrams.

How can we read in the website XperiencePoland pronunciation is not very easy for foreigners.

As for grammar, the party continues with the existence of 7 cases for declensions! If you already speak Russian, all of this may be less puzzling, especially since there are three genders in this language, as in Polish, and there are no articles.

Machine translation and Polish

Machine translation and Polish

Never use a free translation service on the Internet for translations that you are going to use in your company. It is imperative that the translation is proofread by a qualified native speaker.

Some forums dedicated to Poland advise against the use of Google Translate, since for this web giant, Polish is a minor language, and all translations are mainly based on its reference language, which is English.

These same Internet users recommend using the PONS translator, which is able to offer higher quality translations into Polish.

Translation agencies that translate into Polish

Translation agencies that translate into Polish

In many cases, in the professional field, unless you have a native Polish translator, you will have no choice but to resort to a recognized translation agency that translates into Polish. One of them is AbroadLink Translations.

Entrusting your Polish translation to an agency offers you serious guarantees of quality. In the case of Polish, which is still a relatively rare language, you will have access to qualified translators who translate into your mother tongue.

Make sure the agency you are dealing with is certified according to ISO 9001 (quality assurance) and ISO 17100 (specific for translation services).

Thus, a good Polish translation agency can quickly produce a quality translation into Chopin's mother tongue for your company.

For the less important translations into Polish, you can always test machine translation with proofreading by a native speaker, but be careful to use the right tools to avoid too much post-editing work.

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